Hitch Gallery has three shows a year and is open to public submissions. Typical shows are exposed to the weather and travel at interstate speeds on a 24-7, 2-4 week schedule. Damage to works has been slight and on par with what you'd expect to see on something that sits outside all day. Ideas that highlight or incorporate the unique aspects of the space are encouraged.

Assisted or complete project builds are available for out-of-state or distant submissions and on an as-needed basis. Works with be documented & credited here and on the gallery frame with the collaborators request.

Gallery dimensions:

2D: 44" W x 43" H
3D: 49" W x 36" H x 22" D

Submission requirements:
  • Explanation of your idea (100 word max)
  • Images or drawings (1-3)
  • $5 per submission (mulitple submissions accepted)
Email submissions to: submissions@hitchgallery.com